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Australian Production Company Sizzle Video, begin Production on their new Aussie Film, 'FOWL PLA

Australian Production Company Sizzle Video, announces their New Aussie Film, 'FOWL PLAY!'

'In the National Capital of Australia, the government has begun drafting its plan, to eradicate a species! The Narrabundah Peafowl. These Peacocks and Peahens are one of nature’s most beautiful birds species in the world. And the locals are up in arms! Or is it feathers? Can a small group of locals save their family friends?'

Based on a true story, and in the spirit of the Classic Australian Film, ‘The Castle’, this is a 'Bigger than Ben Hur Event' for a team of Aussie suburbanite families, who have had enough with the government telling them what to do. Nobody is going to kill off members of their family household!

So the Save the Narrabundah Peafowlers are taking on the government, poachers, and everyone who stands against them with everything they have, one Peacock feather at a time. Can they stop the eradication of their local suburban family friends?

This heart felt fun education family film for all ages is COMING SOON!

Watch out for 'FOWL PLAY!'

FOWL PLAY The Movie Poster

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Australian Production Company Sizzle Video, has taken on constructive action..with a touch of fun entertainment with the Narrabundah locals. Filming recently began in the ACT, with local residents, and their hero Peafowls!

Fowl Play is a film that will entertain and educate through the passionate friends and protectors of 30 odd Peafowls who have lived in the neighbourhood for nearly 30 years.

ABOVE PHOTOS: Filming on Location at Rocky Knob, Narrabundah, ACT, Australia.

ABOVE PHOTOS: Some of the passionate and inspiring children being filmed on location at Rocky Knob to save the Peafowls. They arrived fighting the cold with their Beanies for Brain Cancer head warmers. We can't wait to share their stories about how they are trying to save the Peafowls of Rocky Knob and why! A lot of adults received a lot of education from them.

ABOVE IMAGES: Some of the wonderful passionate locals talking on camera about their Peafowl friends.

ABOVE IMAGE: Director Rowan Matheson from Sizzle Video filming FOWL PLAY



Save The Narrbundah Peafowl movement (#CBRpeacocks) has already gained media attention around the world. From Australia’s The Project, News Corp, and even Russias RENT TV are following this incredible story. This is a story resonating with so many around the world. Some people don’t like something, so eradicate it. What about the thousands of people enjoying nature's beauty?


STORY CREDITED: News Corp Australia Video Newsroom








Every year for 26 years, visitors from all around the world come to see the 30-odd Peafowl who wander the gardens and reserves of Rocky Knob Canberra. In Australia's National Capital, you don’t have to go to a zoo, or go to a Royal Garden overseas. You can just visit little old Rocky Knob, in Narrabundah Canberra and watch the Peacocks for free.

Narrabundah is unique suburb that sits in viewing distance of Australia's Parliament House, and it contains a magical population of approximately 30 peafowl that belong to no one, yet belong to everyone. They are free to roam around a small number of streets surrounding Rocky Knob Park since 1992.

  • Wild Peafowl have been a part of the Narrabundah community for over twenty years.

  • The first peacock that came to Narrabundah was named “Harry” by the local residents. It is believed Harry was one of a number of peafowl that were kept in a private zoo in the countryside outside the city. When that zoo closed the peafowl were released into the environment. Henry managed to find his way into Rocky Knob Park in Narrabundah.

  • Harry sired a small number of chicks before being deliberately run down by a driver. It was witnessed by a local that a car of young boys drove off Rocky Knob Park, up onto a local's front lawn, and ran him over instantly in front of his eyes. Henry was killed instantly and today is buried with his full train in a neighbours backyard.

  • After the murder of Henry, locals requested fencing to be placed around Rocky Knob Park to stop hoons and such actions again. A safe haven was created for locals to play and Peafowl to frolic safely.

  • Since the demise of Henry the population has grown and is stabilised to approximately 30 peafowl.

  • In April 2018 the ACT Government published a “Draft Peafowl Management Plan” that responded to a small number of complaints made by an even smaller number of residents.

  • The focus of the plan was to totally eradicate the peafowl population, through either relocating them interstate or by euthanizing them.

This is where FOWL PLAY begins.

ABOVE IMAGES: Taken 26 years ago. This is the first peacock that came to Narrabundah. He was named “Harry” by the local residents. Some called him Henry or Andrew. Either way, he was loved by so many!

Harry was horrifically and deliberately chased and run down by a driver on purpose. It was witnessed by a local that a car of young boys drove off Rocky Knob Park, chased Harry up onto a locals front lawn, and ran him over. Henry was killed instantly and today is buried with his full train in a neighbours backyard.

ABOVE IMAGES: Families and Children from all around the world come to Rocky Knob to visit the Peafowl families.

ABOVE IMAGES: Fascinated children visiting, feeding and learning how to be gentle with animals from 2001.



Some say, ‘the species are from India, and have no right being in Our Country!’ Some say ‘it's been their home for 30 years, and they live peacefully within the environment. Leave them alone!’

What do you think? Tell us today! The Peafowls want to hear your stories!

IMAGES: Taken form the film FOWL PLAY. Copyright Sizzle Video Pty Ltd


Have you say about the Peacocks and make your submission to council today here today:


Want to save the Peacocks, have your say here today:


Join the Community, see the videos and photos from everything happening in Australia's National Capital to Save the Peafowl:


If you'd like to write to government representatives, you can write here:


If you have a Peacock story, photo or video from anywhere in the world: #CBRpeacocks


Contact Save The Narrabundah Peafowl organisers today here. We have HD media packs and information available.

ABOVE IMAGE: Bernard Collaery (Deputy Chief Minister and Attorney-General of the ACT 89-91) and Granddaughter Alexia, signing 'Save our Peacocks!' Bernard has been a Carer and Protector of the Peafowls for 26 years. As an avid bee-keeper he had some extremely insightful and fascinating things to say about how the Peafowl are helping our dwindling bee population in the ACT.




Would you like to be interviewed as a part of the Australian film “FOWL PLAY’.

Contact Sizzle Video Production Company Producers at:

If you are a Professional in Media, anywhere in the world (especially Russia, USA or India), and you’d love to get involved with a great cause, please contact Sizzle Video Producers at today:


Sizzle Video is a boutique Production Company in Sydney , that specialises in story telling. We are most known for our work with Premium Promotional Videos, Trailers and Sizzle Reels. Over the past 3 years we have helped develop for finance and Production over 30 new Television shows for Australia's Biggest production companies and Television Networks including the Seven Network and Screentime Australia - one of Australia biggest Production Companies. The company is owned and operated by multi-award winning TV & Film Producer, Rowan Matheson.

'Ro' has Produced on 1000's of Productions, International News Stories and loves a good cause! Rowan works with many of Australia's largest Production Companies and Networks, 7,9,10 and Foxtel. From Star Wars, to James Bond and even the Dalai Lama, for over 20 years Ro has been trusted around the globe by the Worlds Biggest Brands, Media Networks, TV Shows, Production Companies & Organisations.

As an ex-Canberra boy, Rowan has known of the Peacocks for over 26 years. Rowan explains, 'The story that is playing out today in Narrabundah has now become a passion project that resonates with me on so many levels. Killing off a species, in an entire state, Australia's National Capital, cause the species is came from another country? Cause of a little bird poo, or god forbid a car might have to slow down for a seconds to watch one pass on the street. What is the world coming to?

But this story is far beyond just saving 'some birds'. It's about community, and friends helping one another in time of grief and disappear when a government plans to kill a member of their family. To the local carers of the Peafowl what the government is proposing its honestly like hearing through a friends, that government has decided to literally take or kill your dog. They're not going to tell you when or how its going to happen..they're just going to do it soon. Its devastating for them!

Out of the pain, I have also witness wonderful moments. For example during filming people who have lived on the same street, or worked in the same building for years, band have never know it. They now embrace one another in hugs of joy and support for one another. People are feeling like they're all related through these Peafowls in a very special little way. Its gorgeous to watch and capture!

Do you remember the first time you saw a Peafowl? Do you recall the last time you saw the sparkle in someones eyes the moment they saw their first Peacock? Those smiles I have seen so many times. Its magic thing to witness! Kids literally loose their minds. How could we take that away from people, over a bit of poo.

I'm extremely passionate using my powers in film production and promotion to tell this extraordinary Aussie story , and to support the Narrabundah community in Australias National Capital, to Save the Peafowl! If you'd like to get involved please contact us today. We have already started filming the documentary and the screenplay based around it is already underway! This is going to be magic story that will resonate with people on so many levels!'

ABOVE IMAGES: The filmmaker Rowan Matheson Director and Producer of Sizzle Video.

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